Тексты песен MESS ROCK

Опубликовано 22 в ноября, 2010

mess rock Продолжим традицию обновления блога, при помощи малоизвестных групп и их малоизвестных песен. С надеждой на то, что когда-нибудь mess rock станут  всемирно известными, и за их текстами тысячи станут приходить посетители к нам на блог.

Love for Drugs

I met a girl
She was so awesome and tall
She blew my mind
And I was sure she’s of my kind
But then she said
You’re my good friend
I don’t know what we’ll do
So, bring me some good dope

Love for drugs
Don’t wait you got me wrong
Love for drugs
Don’t wait you got me wrong
Love for drugs
Don’t wait you got me wrong
And she don’t care

I tried not to think
Of what she needs
But finally understood
The truth was not so good
When I suggest some wine
She gives me nothing tonight
I cannot change her
And I cannot change myself

Sell Myself

I wanna sell myself
And buy some drink
Oh, don’t ask me to talk
I’m so tired of you


And I walk along in the street
I have matters, but they don’t have me
I see you, but I pass you by
Watch the airplane in the cloudy sky

I want to sing this song
I got something to say
I almost lost my faith
But you won’t see my fall

Drunk in Dusseldorf

I spent a night in the city
I spent a day in a bar
Oh, Dusseldorf, it’s so pity
I leave the city tonight

Between Dusseldorf and Koln
I spend my money, waste time
The train goes so fast
Now I can think ‘bout the rest

Hey, German trip, that was cool
Forget my name and love
We’re born to lose
The night cities, the red lights
We got no limits, don’t know the price (We have no limits, )
Gimme some more /16t

I get drunk in Hamburg
I get drunk in Dusseldorf
I get drunk in Koln
I get drunk everywhere

I met tens of people ( I met lots of people (maybe sounds better?)
Destroyed tons of booze
Oh, if it is life –
This is what I choose

I Follow You

I follow you when you’re alone
I follow you when you feel like hell
I’ll follow you in the moonlight
I’ll follow you every time

I’ll follow you where the sun shines
I’ll follow you where the rain cries
I’ll follow you up in the sky
I’ll follow you even in your mind


I’ll be your shadow
And I won’t accept any delay
Any delay, any delay, any delay

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